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june 23

5:00 am - Meet at the church and load up

6:00 am - Hit the road!

3-6 pm - Arrive, move into dorms, supper

MOVE first session begins
after supper


June 23rd - July 1st

Daily Schedule

Tues - Friday

Morning - Breakfast, morning session, CSM group time

Afternoon - Lunch, free time

Evening - Dinner, evening session, CSM group time

SATURDAY, July 17th

7 am - Get up!

7:30 am - Load up

8:00 am - Hit the road

3-4 pm - Arrive home

STUDENT PICK UP - A parent or legal guardian is required to pick students up within 30 minutes of our arrival at the church.  Students will begin texting parents of our arrival time when we are about an our from home.

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