Why We Believe Class

June 3- What is faith?
We are not called by God to be brainless about what we believe. Faith is not blind. It does not deal with proof, but it does deal with evidence. And the Christian faith is evidenced. To begin this class, we will be setting the foundation that we will build on all summer. 
Why does the Bible have authority?
June 10- What is (and isn't) in the Bible Pt. 1
The Old Testament is vast. And long. But how did it get here? By learning the words homologumenia, pseudipigripha, antilogumenia, and apocrypha, we will discuss how the OT was formed over a period of time. 
June 17- What is (and isn't) in the Bible Pt. 2
Continuing our discussion on how the Bible was formed, we will talk about how we got the other 27 books in the Bible. From Matthew-Revelation these books also went through a process. 
We will be breaking this week since some will be away to sponsor and attend CIY MOVE in Holland, Michigan.
July 1- How We Got the Bible
Both the OT and the NT went through a process. How did they get to us? How have they not only survived thousands of years but also how can we even begin to trust the translations and different versions? 
July 8- The Bible has authority.
Based on discussion since the beginning of June, we will discuss why the statement the Bible has authority is uncomfortably true and what that means for our lives. 
How do we know Jesus is the Christ?
July 15- Who did Jesus teach?
The first century world was far different from ours. It was also particularly hopeless for a group of people called the Jews who were anticipating the Messiah. This week we'll discuss the world Jesus was born into and look into what happened and what they were expecting. 
July 22- What makes Jesus Christ?
It's not an unfinished question. The first century Jews thought they had found the Messiah in a few other revolutionaries who were also killed. What makes Jesus of Nazareth any different from them?
July 29- Why did Christ have to die?
It's hard to live in America and not have heard John 3.16 before. But why? Why did God have to give His only Son? Why did it have to be crucifixion? Why did Jesus Christ have to die? 
August 5- Jesus Christ rose from the dead. 
By looking into the other options for what could have happened with Jesus' tomb, our easiest conclusion is that the man named Jesus did not stay dead, but left the tomb empty that Sunday morning. 
August 12- Now What? 
So, some writings a few thousand years old are the word of God. A man named Jesus more than likely, without any other explanation, was killed and didn't stay dead. Okay, so what? Now what? What do we do with this information? How do we handle it? What changes for us? Everything. To conclude this summer, we will talk about what it means to believe and accept and know what we know have faith it.