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Preaching Staff

Bob Haywood

Chief Guru, Part Time Guy, Lead Pastor, Youth Leader...


Bob and his wife Diane were brought by God to the Collinsville church in the spring of 2007 to help lead this small church forward into a bright future, after a church fire that was devastating.  At our church, we like to say that nothing works right...which shows that this is God's deal.

Andrew Dempsey

Andrew was a member of our youth group when God began to get hold of his heart.  After graduating from high school, Andrew worked at a variety of jobs in the Tulsa, Owasso and Claremore.  During that time, he volunteered as our first ever SPIT (Sponsor in Training) at Collinsville Student Ministry.  He still has his SPIT shirt to prove it!


Now enrolled at Ozark Christian College, Andrew is studying Intercultural Studies/General ministry and hopes to work at CIY someday (God willing).  


Andrew preaches in our morning services and speaks in the YAM program as a leader.

Pat Prodger

Pat grew up in the children's and youth ministry of our church and served as our first intern during his senior year of high school.  As our intern, Pat learned how to preach, how to do ministry, how to do in home visits and the in's and out's of how a church works.  

He is now in his freshman year at Ozark Christian College, studying Preaching/Christian Ministry.  Pat won the International Young Preacher Boy contest at the Kiamichi Men's Clinic in 2009 as well as the 2017 Ozark Christian College Preacher Boy Contest.  He loves to preach, has a great laugh and is helping Andrew to lead our new and growing Young Adult Ministry.


Caitlynn is our Preaching Staff support person.  She does whatever we need her to do.

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