Tuesday Adult Bible Study - 7:00 PM (Zoom)

On Tuesday nights, we get together once again to hear from the Word, led by a member of our pastoral staff, Patrick Prodger. 

Prior to Covid-19, we met on Wednesdays but for two months now and moving forward, we will be holding this study on Tuesday nights. 

Each week, we look at a portion of Scripture, study it, discuss it and talk about how to apply it. 

Right now, we are nearing the end of our study of 1 Timothy, which has been focused on how we ought to live out our faith - in the church and with others.

We meet together weekly at 7 PM on Zoom since it is not safe to do so in person for most of our adults yet.

We would certainly love to have you join us!

Email us at: collinsvillechurch@gmail.com or call Patrick at 918-704-1958.